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Kimberly Moore Rings


Reflecting Christ through a Life that Sparkles

God had a beautiful, sparkling purpose for your life even before you took your first breath. However, the brightness of your sparkle may have begun to slowly diminish as you have lost your focus on Christ, become exhausted from busyness, resisted stepping out of your comfort zone, felt defeated by your brokenness, had an unrepentant heart, or lacked the understanding of your incredible value to Christ.

Now, let God bring your sparkle back as He shows you how He can use your unique skills and experiences to repurpose you along your journey through life so that you can truly shine.

Beauty in a Life Repurposed is a 6-week study that uses the history of vintage costume jewelry and the craft of “repurposing” to connect the many ways God repurposes us with renewed sparkle. Just as it requires special tools to transform vintage jewelry, your heart, mind, and spirit also need tools from God’s Word to be completely transformed so that your life can radiate with beauty and sparkle reflecting His light...one that will never grow dim!

Released on December 1, 2015.

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Your life will never be the same after this study

"I have done many studies before but Beauty in a Life Repurposed came into my life when I most needed it and it is a very special study. It made me aware of how God is always with us even when we have lost our shine. This study helped me renew my faith and to see God's hand in every detail of my life. Your life will never be the same after this study as God will touch you and show you His love like never before."

- Debbie G.

Helped me see how God could help me sparkle again

"What a beautiful and life-changing study! I thoroughly enjoyed the stories and Scripture and exercises included in this study to help me see how God could help me sparkle again after going through some really hard times. And the connection to vintage jewelry made it really fun! I highly recommend it!!"

- Dr. Heidi P.

Biblically sound, fun and informative!

"Beauty in a Life Repurposed is a fantastic reminder that God has a purpose for our life and we should remember to "shine" as Christians. Kimberly did a wonderful job weaving in her hobby of repurposing jewelry and Bible verses that go along with her theme perfectly. I do believe that Kimberly was inspired by God to write this. This is a book that I will go back to many times to read. I already have. Fantastic Bible study, Kimberly! Women's groups will thoroughly enjoy this study, not only for the sound biblical teaching, but for the fun and informative information about vintage jewelry."

- Rachelle C.

Shows us God’s incredible gifts for us

"I loved this wonderful book! She begins with reflecting on how God has already begun repurposing your life. What an exciting concept to think, believe, and then act on: what God can and will do in your life. I was amazed at her knowledge of vintage jewelry and also felt blessed by her ability to translate it to show us God's incredible gifts for us."

- Sally S.

Easy to understand, yet profound

"Although this book is written as a six-week study, I read it straight through and loved it! I found it easy to understand, yet profound, and I think that reflects Christ in the author. Jesus never made things complicated; when He taught his disciples, He used examples and parables from their lives and their work and Kimberly does that here, beautifully! Whether you’re a seasoned Bible student or new to God's Word, you will receive much from this wonderful book. I can hardly wait to share it in a small group study!"

- Karen L.

A beautiful study of God’s loving character

"Beauty in a Life Repurposed is a beautiful study of God's loving character. With each lesson I experienced my ugly (failures, mistakes, frustrations, hurts) being transformed by God's Word using a tool to bring a renewed purpose, shine and sparkle back to my life. This is the life I'm led to live; the one where I shine bright for Him. Let God renew your sparkle! How fun to do a study around vintage jewelry!"

- Jan R.

God uses it all - the good, the bad, and the ugly!

"If you are ready to take a deep look at your life and see how God can repurpose the good, the bad, and the ugly, this is a fabulous study for you as it was for me. I found it enlightening to reflect on myself and my life and see how God has changed my heart and healed me from past hurts. I'm even looking forward to going through the study a second time to see what else God has in store for me to draw me closer to Him and shine brighter with His love."

- Rose A.

I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone

"The study helped strengthen my relationship with Christ by showing me how fear (due to my past) and difficulty with trusting God has kept me from experiencing His peace. I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone which has helped me gain freedom from that fear. I gained a lot from group discussions and found myself writing a lot of notes and memorizing some Scriptures to help me work toward growth as a child of God."

- Lisa M.

Helped me recognize I have value

"I love jewelry that is unique because it makes a statement. Beauty in a Life Repurposed helped me recognize that as God’s creation, I too have value because the talents and gifts He gave me make me one-of-a-kind."

- Martha D.

Beautifully illustrates how much God loves us

"Thank you for your transparency and obedience in writing this book, Kimberly. You beautifully illustrate how much God loves us, and throughout the pages of your book, I'm reminded of the miracle of beauty for ashes!"

- Priscilla M.

Leads the reader to examine, grow and deepen their spiritual faith

"Fresh look on a purpose driven transformational life. Kimberly's book makes a great read for an individual, small group, Sunday School class, or women's group. Her compelling questions following each chapter leads the reader to examine, grow and deepen their spiritual faith. Perfect study for LENT season. Can't wait to read more from Moore!"

- Dr. Julie C.

Reinvigorates your spirit!

"Kimberly takes her passion for antique jewelry and juxtaposes it with her greater passion... pursuing Christ! Her book, which is ideal for a group study, also benefits the independent reader. I read her book independently and enjoyed the thought-provoking questions throughout each chapter. For anyone who thinks their best days are behind them, this book will point you to God's everlasting truth and reinvigorate your spirit for the bright future!"

- Lindsey E.